2 Breweries?????????????

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

For those that are new to “The Mad Anthony Brewing Company Experience” I thought I would use today’s blog post to introduce you to our 2 different breweries and explain how they work in conjunction with each other. We use the terms “Pub Brewery” and Production Brewery when referring to one or the other. The “Pub Brewery” is our original and smallest brewing system and is located behind 4 large windows in our restaurant on the corner of Broadway and Taylor in Fort Wayne. It consists of  a 6 barrel (12 kegs) batch size brew house and four 6 barrel fermenters. In 1999 we added a 14 barrel (28 kegs) fermenter and conditioning tank to help us meet increasing demand. This brewery also contains a large walk in cooler where we have 8 “Grundy Style” conditioning tanks which we basically use as large kegs the beer is served from. A Grundy tank is a small (7 barrel)l stainless steel tank that was originally located in English pub cellars. The beer was drafted from these tanks and sold across the bar.  Once a week or month the Brewery trucks would visit the pubs and refill their Grundy tanks. These tanks went out of style in England in the early 1990s, the same time the American Craft Brewing scene was really starting to gain legs. Most of these Grundy tanks found homes in small American breweries and 8 of them found a home in mine!

The Production Brewery was opened in 2000 after our purchase of The Munchie Emporium, the restaurant our pub brewery was located in. In the interest of maintaining our outside accounts and the new increased demand from owning the restaurant we were in serious need of increased capacity. This was achieved using the approx 2000 sq foot pole barn located in the parking lot of our restaurant. The building was leased from our landlord (who also leased the restaurant space to us) and then Filled with a 15 barrel system trucked in from California. We have expanded the Production Brewery twice with the addition of one 30 barrel fermenter and bright tank and later two more 30 barrel brights. The bottling capacity was also increased a couple of years ago with the addition of  a new automated 6 head $50000 bottling machine.

Here are some pictures I took this morning of both breweries. Notice Chris our Production Brewer working hard brewing a batch of Auburn lager! (Oh yeah and don’t forget Jeremy not working too hard brewing IPA)

We have gone through several phases of which brewery brews what and how do we make them work together, but this is how we currently do it, and remember we keep 10 different beers on tap in Fort Wayne and the beer takes a minimum of 14 days to be ready to serve so it can be quite a challenge to plan beer production. Currently we try to brew all of the beers served at Broadway and Taylor (our biggest beer selling restaurant) in the Pub Brewery except for two beers, Raspberry and our seasonal beer (Octoberfest, Winter Ale, Irish red and Summer Daze). So even though we brew Auburn, Blonde, Pale, and IPA in the Production brewery we also brew them in the Pub Brewery. This allows us to use some extra capacity in the Pub to keep from stripping our supply from the Production brewery. The Pub also brews all the specialty beers we serve in all three restaurants, current specials include: Kolsch, Brown Ale, American red, Cream Stout, Pumpkin and a few others. We brew these beers in the pub in smaller batches to keep them changing regularly so our beer fans get to see more variety.

In summary, Production Brewery produces:

Blonde, Auburn, Pale Ale, IPA, (for bottles and draft) Seasonal beers, draft only (Summer Daze, Octoberfest, Winter Ale and Irish red) and Raspberry Wheat draft only (we also did one batch of Blueberry this summer)

Pub Brewery produces:

Blonde, Auburn, Pale Ale, IPA, Muddy River Amber (served at Halls Restaurants) Irish Stout served in all three MA Restaurants, and all other specialty beers served in our restaurants and a few other locations like my buddy Kevin’s 20 tap bar and burger joint in Broadripple, Indianapolis.

Changing the subject now, would just like to mention that I enjoy writing the weekly (almost!) blog, but would like to get more feedback from my readers.  If you are a regular reader of the blog please take some time to leave a comment occasionally or perhaps a suggestion about future topics. Subscribe to the blog if you feel so inclined and have it emailed to you. At the very least, make liberal use of the “Like” button (that is, if you really do). I get to see the stats that some people are actually visiting the blog but not really getting any feel for whether you are enjoying it or not. Lets make it a two way conversation!!!

Thanks for reading………….and commenting!


  1. thedodge5 says:

    Any chance of seeing more Brown Ale any tnime soon?

    • madbrewing says:

      Brown Ale is a very popular Beer for MABC and back when we first opened our business it was a regular beer in our line up. Now it is brewed as a specialty beer and should hit the taps 3-4 times a year. I try to keep similar beers from being on tap at the same time and our Winter Ale coming out in December is like a “big” version of our brown ale, so if you are needing a Big Daddy fix check out the winter ale, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

  2. us33fan says:

    I am a huge fan of Mad Anthony’s. But I live in Elkhart 😦 All my friends consoled me when our MA shut down in January.) I am still waiting for the bank to allow us to collect our mugs. My wife and I were there at least once a week and many times twice. After the closing and months of aimless wandering, business took me Ft. Wayne Oct 3. I found the home site and was a happy man with my pint of Summer Daze! The reunion with your menu and beers were so great, I brought my wife to Warsaw last Saturday, only an hours drive from home. Hello Oktoberfest. I wish it would be possible for you guys to take over the Elkhart site and reopen it, but I guess that guy left in a lot of financial trouble. Now that the Lerner theater is open, main street is hopping in Elkhart. A new brewpub will be opening downtown in April, Iechyd Da (pronounced Yacky Dah). Now that I’ve found the MA blog, I’ll keep in touch. And I’ll be watching for cask ale as I am a big fan. (In SB Fiddler’s Hearth usually has a cask ale from Bells available.)

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