Introducing the Brewing Staff

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

How many people work in the brewery? Who makes the beer? Questions I am often asked, so I thought I would take the time this week to introduce the staff and generally what they do.  I  (Todd Grantham) am one of the 3 owners of Mad Anthony Brewing Company and have been in charge of all things beer since we opened in 1998.  My training was as an Avid homebrewer in the 1990s and then attended the 2 week intensive course at the Siebel Institute in Chicago. I apprenticed with The Oaken Barrel Brewing Company in Greenwood Indiana and had alot of help setting up MABC with the help of their Brewmaster. In the first few years I produced every drop of beer and performed every task in the brewery, but as we continued to grow we added several assistants to the operation. Now I mostly oversee the entire operation and rarely brew batches of beer.

My lead brewer has been with me since 6/19/06  his name is Jeremy Zuber and he hails from the metropolis of Antwerp Ohio.  Jeremy is hands on in all phases of the operation including brewing, cleaning, inventories, ordering, bottling and oversees the work of the other assistants. Jeremy is my “right hand man” and helps me stay on top of everything in the brewery.

The Production brewery, which produces all of the beer for outside accounts including bottles and kegs is manned by Chris Nix who has been on board since 3/2/09. Chris is the baby of the group and started with MABC  not too far removed from high school.

The Pub brewery which produces most of the beer for Fort Wayne MABC and specialty beers for all of our other restaurants is handled by our newest addition to the family, Joe Martin. Joe has only been with us since may but has a background in beermaking as he is the co-owner of our GREAT local homebrew store, Brewers Art Supply.  Joe is part time and works around 2 days per week.

Last but not least is Luis Paez, also a part timer (but close to full time with our crazy summer!) Luis handles many of the duties related to packaging, washing and preparing kegs for filling, labeling every bottle that gets filled and several other tasks throughout the breweries. Luis has been with the company since 7/16/09

So there you have it, the MABC brewing staff. They are all valuable members of the family  and  we couldn’t do it every day without them. Feel free to say hello next time you see one of them!


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